Building a Scheduling App in Laravel part 3

Finally having an MVP!.

It's been a while getting here - mainly because I work full time and have to find time between that and my two young kids to work on this - but I'm not at a point where I'm happy to say I've got an MVP.

My very minimum requirements when starting this project was to have a simple CRUD application, where I could add various factors and them have relationships to each other. I needed to see what sessions were going on, when they were happening and avoid the problem of scheduling conflicts with trainers, times and rooms.

To recap - to get to this point I have:

  1. Installed Laravel and Laravel Breeze to scaffold my user authorisation
  2. Installed Spatie/UserRolesPermissions to handle different user roles/
  3. Installed Inertia.js to handle the link between my Vue frontend and Laravel backend
  4. Setup my routes as resources in Laravels web.php file
  5. Setup my Vue files - at this point Vue is basically a templating engine

Things I could have done better

  1. The main one I feel is I could have used Vue better - with better planning I feel my components could be more re-usable. To be improved in future maybe.
  2. Spatie/RolesPermissions - not sure this is working as I'd hope - I think the next stage is to implement this feature manually.
  3. Too much data going through to the frontend - I saved this Youtube video as a way to potentially avoid that issue in future.

Next steps

  1. Separation of users - I feel the next task will be to rewrite the user roles part and have that working as I want it.

Stay tuned for more!

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