5 Awesome WordPress Themes Everyone should know about!

For designers, developers and business owners.

You may be hesitant to choose a particular WordPress theme because you are not entirely sure of your own requirements. Or, you haven’t been able to come across a specialty theme that quite fills the bill.

In either case you have an out, and that is to choose a multipurpose theme. These aptly-named multipurpose WordPress themes are known for their flexibility, and in many cases for their ease of use as well.

That’s certainly true of the 7 best multipurpose WordPress themes described below. These 7 are the best-of-the bunch and you can build virtually any website you have in mind with any one of them.


My personal all time favourite theme is Flatsome. It's page builder is intuitive and eas to customise, especially from a developers standpoint.

There's an active community supporting it with loads of use cases. It's WooCommerce compatible, and even comes with loads of sample content so you can get your site up really quickly.


Not a theme I've used a lot of, but really flexible page builder helping to build clean, modern layouts and with some animations built in. This leaves a really professional image on your customers right from the start.

For WooCommerce, the Pro version now allows editing of the Cart and Checkout pages, a huge leap forward from other editors.


When it comes to fast, flexible, and lightweight themes, you can’t go wrong with Avada - as google and NASA will testify!

Avada’s more than 450,000 sales to date tells you that you can expect to gain a lot from using it, including:

  • Fusion Builder – and intuitive page builder that lets you build a website in a few hours
  • More than 40 importable eye-candy demos to help get your project off to a lightning start
  • Generous selections of pre-built websites and stylish design elements that will speed up any project’s workflow
  • Core Fusion with its $200 worth of web-building tools and access to all the popular WordPress plugins
  • A Dynamic Content System designed to provide all the flexibility you need and give you total control over your work

Avada is fast, responsive, and WooCommerce compatible.


OceanWP is popular for its impressive and extensive customization options. It includes over 200 demos and 19 extensions that can help you easily build the site of your dreams and it comes with Elementor built-in.

In short, OceanWP could be right for you if you’re looking to create a customizable website or eCommerce store.


This is a multipurpose theme that can be especially helpful when you want to build an eCommerce site. It comes with a whopping 600+ pre-built websites, 16 WooCommerce elements, an intuitive website installer, and four dedicated drag-and-drop builders.

You can choose from the expansive demo library to get a realistic sense of how it will look to design your WooCommerce shop with this theme. It’s an incredible option if you’re looking for a user-friendly theme with as many customization options as possible.

Overall, BeTheme could be worth choosing if you want full control over your website or eCommerce store.

When it comes to designing and building your WordPress website, the choice of theme is incredibly important - ensuring it doesn't hit site performance, and helps the creative process rather than hinder it. Leave it to us at BVSWebDesign to choose the theme that suits your website, rather than allowing your theme to dictate what your site can and can't do. Get in touch using the form below to discuss your website requirements.

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