The importance of hosting for your Wordpress site

And how BVSWebDesign can help improve your site performance.

So you’ve already made the smart choice to go with WordPress for your website. Now, you’re on to making the next important decision for your site: hosting. Hosting can be a confusing topic, from the what is it, to the why do I even need it anyway, to how much does it cost.. That's before we even get to options such as shared, dedicated, and VPN. So … what is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is just hosting that has been optimised to better meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs to make it easy to get started with WordPress. And some WordPress hosts will even automatically update your WordPress software as needed.

We at BVSWebDesign provide our own managed hosting service, starting from £20 per month, which takes care of all the install, security, and updates of everything from PHP versions, plugins, themes and software. We'll even monitor your uptime to make us aware of any problems as they arise. The servers we use were responsible for a 10 point performance increase on the lighthouse score of this very website, when it was done with WordPress!

What is shared WordPress hosting?

One of the terms I mentioned right at the start was shared hosting. But what is that? Well in a nutshell, it is where your site will “share” a server with other websites. This is generally the cheaper option, but because you are sharing resources with other websites, performance can often take a hit, including slower running sites, or even in extreme cases conflicts with other sites, especially under high server load.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

If shared WordPress hosting is the bare minimum to get your site viewed by your customers, managed wordpress hosting is what makes your offer a premium one, enticing prospective clients with higher performance, faster load speeds and a better user experience. In addition to everything offered by shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting typically offers:

  • Faster speeds.
  • Server-side caching.
  • Better security.
  • Staging sites.

All of these extra features are worth it in one way or another (in our opinion of course!) to justify the extra cost.

Managed WordPress hosting is what we offer at BVSWebDesign - we can also offer other added benefits such as business specific email addresses to replace your ones, and free setup services for certain products.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch using the form below, and who know, maybe we can work on your next digital project.

Why use fast WordPress hosting by BVSWebDesign?

In addition to specialised WordPress knowledge and a dedicated managed WordPress hosting service, BVSWebDesign excels in providing support. BVSWebDesign works closely with website owners and builders, offering tips to ensure their websites load quickly and perform optimally. This is what makes us unique. WordPress hosting has been their speciality for 3 years and holds few secrets for us – an important advantage compared to a generic hosting service.

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