Setting up Email in Windows Mail App

There are hundreds of tutorials showing you how to set up new email accounts - but there's a unique problem in the Mail App...we solve it here.....

When designing a new website for a client, one of the most common requests is to have a new email account, which is more professional and reflects the business than a or account.

However, those emails needs to be read in something, and responded to. While the standard setup is to use the webmail account that comes with our hosting, it'd be so much easier if you could read it in your existing email client, like Outlook or GMail.

Setting up your Emails the Normal Way

When using a traditional email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail - it's as simple as setting up a new POP3 or IMAP inbox.

To do this, you add an account, and then input your username (usually your email), your password and your mail server (usually, and inputting the ports your hosting provider has given you.

How is Microsoft Mail App Different?

It seems like this is the way to go. However, when you input your server in Microsoft Mail App, it automatically assigns a port. If this is incorrect, your mail will be destined to work incorrectly forever!

How to add the Port in Microsoft Mail App

It's simple! Add a colon and a port number at the end of the mail server! For example - this tells the app to use port 465 at your mail server. This is a particular problem when using SMTP to send emails - but it doesn't hurt to be explicit when defining your incoming mail too!

A big thank you to my client for their patience as I resolved this issue - the documentation around adding email accounts to the app doesn't include this and needed to be dug for in some corner of the internet! Hopefully now I've put it in my corner of the internet - it'll help you too!

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